Istanbul and Israel

by my lens space

From the Turkish delights of Istanbul and the hypnotic sounds of prayer at many of the mosques to the holy land Israel and its spiritual feeling during a mid year getaway.


Taksim Square

Topkapi Palace

turkish coffee -yum

Blue Mosque

inside the blue mosque

Galata Tower

blue mosque


Basilica Cistern

Hagia Sophia

turkish tea

Spice Market

evil eye

a lot of mittens in Turkey

turkish delights and plenty of it

first place we had turkish coffee after a 22hr flight

walking through the streets of Istanbul



scribe at Massada

head gear at the market in old Jerusalem

the dead sea

praying at the western wall

religious man heading to pray at the old city Jerusalem

religious women crying whilst praying at the western wall

Museum in Jerusalem-one and only photo as no photos were allowed


religious men in the old city at the western wall

Safed-up north

hamsa's in Kabala town Safed

"" i was happy to oblige

sunset in Safed




scribe at Masada

the best photo ive ever taken...arabic quarter...look at her eyes and the lines on her face with her burnt skin

heading to a bar-mitzvah (hence the head gear and the silky jacket)

wifi networks all over Israel...including Haifa

salt salt and more salt at the Dead Sea

western wall




Jaffa Rd Jerusalem

Jaff in Tel Aviv

Jewish Quarter in the Old City

getting lost in the old city

beach cocktails in Tel Aviv

western wall Jerusalem